Ace English with Valerie Ng


"Valerie is a very nice and patient tutor, she will use lots of examples to explain the things u want to learn, and make it a lot easier to know. If you want to choose a tutor, I recommend Valerie."

J. Taiwan
"Excellent tutor! She helps me build my expressions in the best way and supports me with the best examples to improve my conversations."

Z, Mexico
"I always enjoy the class with Valerie. She was very patient in correcting my pronunciation and grammar and helped me understand in an easy-to-understand way. She also shared a lot of experiences with me, I learned a lot from her. Highly recommend her class! "

S. Japan
"I highly recommend teacher Valerie Ng. She makes the class enjoyable and is also a very interesting person. She is very caring and very understanding. She actively works with me."

M. Italy
"Highly professional, and expert in her field. When you tell her about your shortcomings, you go over them and she forces you to overcome them. Supports you to learn new things. It is especially suitable for those preparing for exams such as IELTS."

I, Turkey
She is an experienced and helpful teacher. She writes me useful expressions on a chat box. These expressions are helpful and I can understand what she says well.

T. Japan
Valerie was my first option and we stuck together 'til the end. She's a great tutor and will help you improve your language skills, providing you with language context and all the details need to tackle english communication. I'm sure that if you choose Valerie, you will be in good hands.


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