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Classes and Courses

Learning English can be fun. Ace English will provide lots of role-play, games and pronunciation practice.

Online Classes:

Classes can be part of a series, or standalone, to focus on a particular area of the language e.g. grammar, speaking practise, writing...etc

Classes are conducted online to serve learners from around the world via Zoom which is a free platform.

Each class lasts 30 minutes.

When booking, specify which area of English you would like to practise so the materials can be prepared beforehand.

Customisable Courses: While set programs have been developed, they can be customised to suit learner needs.

Focus on Authentic Materials: We'll be working with real life materials and practise using examples based on actual situations. The aim is to provide learners with relevant knowledge that they can use immediately.

Introduction sessions are free. (20 minutes).

  • IELTS Exam Preparation
    • Deliverables: IELTS preparation in all four language skills - speaking, reading, writing and listening.

      • Expand your vocabulary - to more easily hear, read, speak and write on the most commonly featured topics.

      • Master use of the English language - create more complex sentences to impress the examiners.

      • Gain insight into key strategies needed to approach the exam questions.

  • "Essential Business English"
    • Deliverables: Business Idioms; How to make and answer phone calls; How to compose emails & letters; Vocabulary for organisational structures, functions & routine tasks.

  • "English for Secretaries & Administrators"
    • The role of an administrator can vary depending on the organisation. Office Managers (OMs) in large organisations are expected to attend meetings and even to negotiate. OMs in smaller businesses are more likely to be involved in accounting and data input.

      Deliverables: Business Idioms; How to make and answer phone calls; How to compose emails & letters; Vocabulary for organisational structures, functions & routine tasks: Finance terminology; Basic customer service skills.

  • "Negotiate. Listen to be heard."
    • Deliverables: Since listening is so vital to being able to negotiate effectively, and English speakers (especially in Britain) use nuanced language, the focus is on developing listening skills, as well as understanding and practising nuanced, or "diplomatic" speech.

      You will gain a lexicon of common negotiation expressions and “power” words, as well as actual negotiation skills.

      Plenty of real-life scenarios will be provided for role-play where you can practise and play "both sides of the table".

  • "Write Like a Marketing Pro"
    • Deliverables: Learn marketing writing techniques, marketing language, and how to choose and apply vocabulary according to the desired marketing message. Writing styles for the different media types i.e. commercials, websites and brochures are covered, as well as how to conduct market research.

      Towards the end of the course, I provide a brief based on an actual client request, and you will be able to put together a brochure and develop its written contents.

  • "Business Report Writing Basics"
    • Deliverables: Students will learn what the essential components of a business report are, how to conduct research and how to apply report writing language which needs to be professional and diplomatic.

      By the end of the course, the student will be able to produce a business report and will have gained a significant amount of professional and diplomatic vocabulary.

  • “Apply Yourself – Perfect Your CV and Cover Letter”
    • Deliverables: This will take a consultation, rather than class format. The goal is to help you to understand the essential elements of an effective CV (or résumé) and to know how to apply strong vocabulary and craft "personal selling" expressions. You will need to know how to adapt your CV over time as you pick up skills and experience, and as your career progresses.

      By the end of the sessions, we will have worked together to create a CV and cover letter which you can use immediately.

      My focus is on developing CV and letter-writing skills and to enable you to "fish for yourself", rather than just giving you the fish.

  • “Ace at Interviewing”
    • Deliverables: As with the “Apply Yourself – Perfect Your CV and Cover Letter” set of classes, this takes a consultation format and is similar in structure.

      Learn typical opening and closing "small talk"; Develop "personal selling" vocabulary relevant to your industry.

      Naturally, there'll be lots of practise in pronunciation and in answering typical interview questions.

  • “Deliver Customer Service - Impeccably”
    • Deliverables: Listening skills are very important as well as the ability to understand the vocabulary associated with the industry. For example, restaurant language is different to clothing boutique language. I will help you to develop proficiency in the relevant areas.

      Basic telephone skills and email and letter writing skills will also be covered.

  • “Ad Hoc”
    • Perhaps you like learning in smaller chunks or are not ready for the courses. I'm available for "ad hoc" consultations. For example, if you need to know the best way to say or write something, then just drop me a line. ($20 per 1/2 hour.)

      Just want speaking practice? We can set up a regular schedule to talk.($20 per 1/2 hour).

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